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The Running Machine Myth

Coaching and competing at every running distance from 1-100 miles impelled me to adopt holistic movement principles that honor the importance of the whole body and the interdependence of its parts. Viewed holistically, several factors go into shaping a person’s distinctive running style. They include training, nutrition, psychology, and genetics (and the total impression they create). 

We all conform to a common blueprint but we learn to run in ways that accommodate our unique running fingerprint. Dimensions of body segments, the snugness of bones within joints, the springiness of tendons, rigidity of feet, geometry of muscles – differs from person to person, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. We adapt our coordination habits around the peculiarities of our individual anatomy in order to create efficiency and injury resistance. – John Kiely

Read more of this brilliant article by John Kiley how the body adapts to create efficiency and injury resistance.


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