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The Way of Running

It's Time to Change the Way we Approach
the World’s most Natural and Inclusive Sport

The Way of Resilience

 Could there possibly be a silver lining to these months of quiet living and self reflection that so many of us have endured during the pandemic lockdown of 2020? When we emerge, will we see the world in a new way? It’s never too late to turn things around. Endurance sports bring out our natural ability to return to and re-organize ourselves. They provide a positive avenue to peace, clarity and vibrant health that can carry over to all parts of our lives.

Our latest posts:

Solving Marathon Problems

 In order to separate and clarify the elements of breakthrough marathon performance, we need to acknowledge some of the most widespread problems.
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Running inspiration and motivation, runner in the snow

Somewhere you Know

Popular running culture tends to reflect the beliefs and priorities of the era that generates it.
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Taoism Admonition - Keep on the Way sign

Reversing Negative Attitudes

The problem in front of us all is how to live in a world that is being increasingly dominated by negative forces; how to become possible channels for transmission of positive forces. How not to get oneself caught into the stream of negativity.
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