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The Way of Running

Vitality, Energy, Spirit

The Burning Question

With the influx of more and more scientific training, wearable technology, modern lifestyles, and dietary habits, why have average marathon times declined so drastically in this millennium? The only exceptions are the top elite athletes. And reciprocally, why do so many ultras have such a high drop out rate, with close to half the field regularly failing to finish in a lot of races?


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Running inspiration and motivation, runner in the snow

Somewhere you Know

Popular running culture tends to reflect the beliefs and priorities of the era that generates it.
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Taoism Admonition - Keep on the Way sign

Reversing Negative Attitudes

The problem in front of us all is how to live in a world that is being increasingly dominated by negative forces; how to become possible channels for transmission of positive forces. How not to get oneself caught into the stream of negativity.
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The Role of Super Efforts

The Way of Running delves into a world unknown to most runners: we have much more strength than we think.
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