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Winning Ways of Running & Racing
Practical Wisdom for the Runner Within

With the influx of more and more scientific training, wearable technology, modern lifestyles, and dietary habits, why have average marathon times declined so drastically (just as ultra DNF’s have increased) in this millennium? The only exceptions are the top elite athletes.

How I Coach

I’ve always admired people who are factual in speech and consistent in action. So I’m very straight forward. Running is an art, and every art is founded on the science of observations. I put form and breathing in the center of the coaching/training process. My system is very easy to communicate and it helps people discover the science of running in their own personal experience.

Of course, our training should follow sound scientific principles! While meticulous planning, scientific testing, and monitoring all have their place, they can’t give us a complete picture of our true, innate running ability. By over-focusing on tangible physiological benchmarks, we often overlook the intangibles: the psychological, spiritual, and even mystical factors (all very much at play in a breakthrough performance or a record-setting run) that allow us to tap into our energies and unlock our hidden potential.

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Where I’m Coming From

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