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Winning Ways of Running & Racing
Winning is knowing you're doing
the right thing in the right way... everyday!

Where I’m Coming From

I came into ultra running from a marathon background so I have a strong concept of structure. I’m at my best when drawing from the global history, philosophy and spirituality of the sport and putting that wisdom directly into practice. My system is very easy to communicate and it helps you discover the science of running in your own personal experience.

Where are we Going?

Popular running culture tends to reflect the beliefs and priorities of the era that generates it. A decade ago, the reigning champion of the genre was the natural/minimalist running movement. It’s truly remarkable how natural running connects us to the renowned African and Native American runners, particularly those who grew up running barefoot. Their style shows the knee of the supporting leg well in front of the ankle, giving the foot a greater range of motion throughout take off. 

In our current era of non-stop technological innovation, what they’re selling is metrics. It’s no longer enough to train our way to a better state of body and mind. We must now chart our progress, count our steps, log our sleep rhythms, tweak our diets, record our negative thoughts—then analyze the data, recalibrate, and repeat.

Which brings me to a burning question that very much needs to be answered: With the influx of more and more scientific training, wearable technology, modern lifestyles, and dietary habits, why have average marathon times declined so drastically in this millennium? The only exceptions are the top elite athletes. And reciprocally, why do so many ultras have such a high drop out rate, with close to half the field regularly failing to finish in a lot of races?

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