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The Genius Of Childhood

The Genius of Childhood

The genius of childhood is a common human possession and a biological condition common to people in all cultures. Its special qualities, however, are seldom retained throughout life except in the most highly creative individuals. – Edith Cobb

Sports are one of the most vital ways to channel a child’s energy. They provide a positive avenue to health, self-confidence, and motivation that can carry over into all parts of a child’s life.

Around the age of eleven or twelve, most children awaken to the possibility of being in control of their own lives by participating in their own development. Yet, in our Western culture, little attention is given to these awakenings. Few adults understand such moments. Developmental psychologies and educational institutions tend to dismiss them. Consequently, childhood memories of wonder and beauty or of being alive inside a growing body can be forgotten forever.

It’s Never too Late

It’s never too late to turn things around. Endurance sports bring out our natural ability to return to and re-organize ourselves. They provide a positive avenue to peace, clarity and vibrant health that can last a lifetime.

Running is our birthright. That’s why I’m so passionate about restoring the natural coordination and spontaneous imagination we once knew as children. And that’s why I’m introducing my new friend, Feldenkrais practitioner, Jae Gruenke, to the Boulder running community.

The Save your Running Workshop

The Save Your Running Workshop, on June 22, is a celebration of that perfect run you once had. The time when everything felt smooth and easy and, a little like flying. We’ll show you how to turn things around so you can feel that way again!

The secret to running that feels safe, fun, and natural ( not to mention faster ) is learning to use our system of internal springs. The ability run smoothly, comfortably, even gracefully lies there waiting to be activated. Through Awareness Through Movement and a small amount of optional running, we’ll explore how to ‘get ourselves out of the way’ of the spring system, turning the dreaded impact of running into an energy source that propels us forward, almost effortlessly. – Jae Gruenke

Jae Loves Answering Questions

And she has plenty of material to share:

  • the reasons why some people struggle to run and experience it as a “pounding”
  • the hallmarks of healthy running technique and how to cultivate it so running feels natural and easy
  • the relationships between running technique and injury
  • the running technique of elite athletes
You may also find this interview on the popular Endurance Planet podcast to be a helpful introduction.


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