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How I’m Adjusting to Coronavirus Lockdown Realities

With so much uncertainty regarding the racing season and beyond, the biggest challenge is to keep everybody consistent and positive about the future. We all have an opportunity to be a positive force during this troubled time… to really break free of the unconscious, consumptive, overstimulated, herd-driven mentality that got us here in the first place. Not only could it be optimal for the well being of the planet but for our own well being as well. 

When I talk about consistency, I actually mean not just doing the same thing over and over again in the same way. Runners who train without focusing on learning tend to wear down. Whenever I inevitably experience lapses in motivation (or during a pandemic as the case may be) I make an extra effort to change my routine, try a new workout, seek out the company of other people (social distancing as necessary), or venture into the unexplored countryside. Then I make it my goal to learn something new, on a sub-conscious level. Rather than push too far beyond my comfort zone, I let my body explore new, more efficient movements in a way that feels safe and comfortable. I make my share of mistakes but I keep on doing it, paying attention to the little things I become aware of. This approach is very therapeutic and I can readily adopt the new movements that make sense and feel good.

Bronze Package

  • 1 private coaching session
  • 16 group workouts
  • Written training plan
  • Easy-to-follow daily instructions 

Gold Package


  • 3 private coaching sessions
  • 32 group workouts
  • Written training plan
  • Easy-to-follow daily instructions 

“Find yourself a coach and trust in them. Remember coaching is as much an art as it is a science. By all means, consult scientific tools but as an athlete don’t allow yourself to become a guinea pig at the expense of a sports scientist. There’s a lot to be said for good, intuitive coaching.” - Sebastian Coe
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