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Rocky Mountain High: Running & Addiction

There's often a fine line between a healthy, productive enthusiasm or even "obsession" for an activity that we love; and, on the other hand, compulsion or addiction that ends up causing us harm. When is "too much of a good thing" a good thing -- and when is it simply too much? 
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A World Record For Consistency

Yuki Kawauchi of Setagaya, Tokyo, recently turned a very bright light on his country’s running legacy, given a chance by almost no one, he won the Boston Marathon — the oldest and most prestigious of the world’s annual marathons — in frigid temperatures, relentless wind, and horizontal rain. Here's how he prepared.
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A Happy Ending to the Fast Marathon Season

"Shalane Flanagan cut such a familiar figure Sunday at the New York City Marathon, running toward the cameras in Central Park with her upright carriage, high cheekbones flushed with exertion, chin tucked, blond ponytail switching back and forth like a metronome. Now she was the one who was accelerating beyond reach."
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Unraveling A Marathon Mega-Study

A recently published report from the website found that American road race results are slower than ever before. The report looked at more than 34 million U.S. road race results between 1996 and 2016, the largest analysis of its kind. The only ones not getting slower are the top elite runners.
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