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It all comes down to the concept of quality over quantity

Most runners measure their training by the number of miles run rather than how those miles are run.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior in Colorado or a Maasai Warrior in Kenya, my training plans prioritize the workouts that give you the most satisfaction rather than overwhelm you by squeezing in everything you think you should accomplish. As long as you have a training schedule that incorporates different distances, paces, and recoveries, you will reach your potential. 

These new running skills are both easy to learn and reduce your risk of overuse injury by breaking up the repetition of the same motions. You’ll also receive specific pacing guidelines so you understand exactly how to use the techniques effectively during your daily workouts, and why they’re important.

When & where

Ideally, we’ll meet weekly (or biweekly) at a convenient road, track or trailhead, agreed upon in advance, here in Boulder County. I love to teach in beautiful places! As we progress, be ready to explore a new open space, mountain park or other scenic running venues.


Initial Form & Fitness Assessment
per session
I’ll study the limits of your movement patterns closely and give you accurate feedback and encouragement that builds on what you already do well. We’ll use attention-demanding challenges that teach you how to make spontaneous alterations in your stride pattern, change paces and terrain, and play with rhythms and ground contact time so you can experience exactly how your running form influences your body, and how the body influences your running form. 
Intermediate Plan: 3 Supervised Workouts
per session
Training at this level is about dialing in your “qualitative volume.” I’ll be precise and selective to get your external workload just right.

You’ll get personalized answers to the most important questions in running: How much should you train? How long is long enough? How fast is fast enough? What are the best times to do each workout? Who are the most important people to work with? What are the most important things to do at all times?

"Don't be afraid - be focused." - Michelle Obama
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