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Phase Out Decision Fatigue

When it comes to training, too many runners exhaust themselves by trying to do it all. But when I ask people to describe their typical training week and the purpose of each run, they often can’t explain why they do what they do.

My training plans prioritize the workouts that give you the most satisfaction rather than overwhelm you by squeezing in everything you think you should accomplish. As long as you have a training schedule that incorporates different distances, paces and recoveries, you will reach your potential. 

Case Study

There was a time when I was rigid and exacting with my training, much more focused and future oriented. I took pride in mapping out my whole running year like an Olympic athlete. Adhering to a strict schedule and holding myself to such meticulous standards eventually presented problems for me. I became overly focused on outcomes and ego-driven goals. Final results were all that mattered to me. I measured my success entirely by my finishing time and how high I placed among my fellow competitors. Sometimes I would get so tight because of long-term planning and expectations that I would feel completely pressurized.

I’m much looser now, and much happier because of it. Now I focus on the things that keep me running well, like eating right, meditating and cross training. I totally enjoy living on a day-by-day basis. When I inevitably experience lapses in motivation, I make an extra effort to change my routine, try a new workout, seek out the company of other people or venture into unexplored countryside. I have a goal, but I’m calm and casual about the process of achieving it. I’m willing to keep working hard at running well and to be patient with waiting as long as it takes for the results to come. My running is much more than planning or splits. It’s a basic way to express my individual freedom.

Art Ives - Running Coach

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One-on-One Coaching Packages

“My training schedules are much more than planning or splits. They’re a basic way to express your individual freedom.” – Art
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