Back to Basics

Alined – Grounded – Centered – Relaxed – the fundamentals of good running form.

A one-on-one session is an hour of supervised individually tailored form-work on these four fundamentals (including video taping) as well as specific pacing guidelines so you understand exactly how to use the techniques effectively during your daily workouts and why they’re important.

As coaches go, Art is one of the best at listening to your individual experience, studying the limits of  your movement patterns closely and giving you accurate feedback and encouragement. You’ll work with all the form fundamentals using attention-demanding challenges that build on what you already do well. Plus learn how to make spontaneous alterations in your stride pattern, change paces and terrain, and play with rhythms and ground contact time – all running skills that give you a mechanical advantage and reduce your risk of overuse injury by breaking up the repetition of the same automatic motions. The new awareness and adaptability you gain from one-on-one work will help you have better runs immediately and enjoy your training process more than ever.

What to be ready for – I ask that you save your daily workout for the session, wear your running clothes, including warm-ups and bring writing materials in case you want to jot down any specifics that resonate with you. These are low stress -low exertion sessions where the focus is more on body learning and mental training. If it goes well, I have plenty of other activities for your physical conditioning.

Locations – Ideally, we meet privately once every three weeks at a conducive road, track or trailhead here in Boulder County, agreed upon in advance. I love to teach in beautiful places! As we progress, be ready to the explore a new open space, mountain park or another scenic running venue.

Through One-on-one work you get detailed instructions and answers to all your questions:

  • How much training is enough?
  • How long is long enough, how fast is fast enough?
  • What are the best times to do each workout?
  • Who are the most important people to work with?
  • What are the most important things to do at all times?

One on One Running Coaching

 Something to See

“The thing that amazes me is that it’s almost all pelvic rhythm quickening their leg rate, like revolutions per minute. Their form is nearly perfect in that they run from the belly which tapers the muscular effort in their legs and feet. They’re like running machines; so focused… yet so free! It’s something to see.” – The Way Of Running 

This unique ability is evident in many of the extraordinary African runners, particularly those who grew up running barefoot. Of course it’s a rarity to find an ordinary runner with a functional physique like this but there are elements that can be taken secretly and artfully like stealing a look at a diary or stealing the puck from an opponent.   Read more

Single Consultation
per session
  • 1 private session
  • Training plan review
  • Sit down, hands-on, or online/phone
  • Total cost: $85
Intermediate Coaching
per session
  • 3 1-on-1 private sessions
  • Sit down, hands-on, or online/phone
  • Training plan review
  • 12 week training plan
  • Training Peaks System included
  • Total cost: $225
"Don't be afraid - be focused." - Michelle Obama