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How A Future Olympian Saved Her Running

How a Future Olympian Saved Her Running

If you’re new to Feldenkrais I’d say that it’s unconventional and may seem different than anything you’ve done at first but just see it as a new challenge and way of mind and go into it open-minded. The changes that result can be incredibly evident and exciting!” – Jordan Hasay

Three Major Marathons – Three Third-place Finishes

On paper, Jordan Hasay has had an incredibly straightforward marathon career including a 2:25:20 third in this year’s Boston Marathon. But Hasay’s career has been anything but straightforward. After a breakout 2017 season, the 27-year-old Californian missed all of 2018 when a stress fracture in her heel changed her trajectory. Over the next year of injuries, Hasay assembled multiple coaches and therapists. That’s how she found Jae Gruenke, a Feldenkrais Practitioner, running technique expert, and founder of The Balanced Runner System™. She also had all the technology of Nike at her disposal which customized the shoes she wore in Boston to protect her fragile left heel.

She’s back on track physically now, but Hasay wants to make sure she’s being smart about her health so she’s continuing her work with Jae. Since 2003 Jae has helped runners from beginner to Olympian learn how to run pain-free, efficiently, and faster. She specializes in helping runners whose problems haven’t resolved with medical treatment and those transitioning to minimalist/barefoot running. Runner’s World named her one of the 70 most influential people in running. Learn more at

“Jae is very thoughtful and with great knowledge and mastery of her work. She’s very good at deciphering problems and explaining questions in detail. The lessons are very well organized and easy to follow,” says Jordan. “I am excited for the future and building towards the Olympic trials and the Olympics.”
Run in health Jordan! May all your Olympic dreams come true!

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