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Give Shoes!

Give Shoes!

I encourage everyone to give their shoes to One World Running so they can continue to distribute them to runners in need all over the world. The shoes they collect and distribute meet many needs, from promoting health and fitness through the OWR Community Races they organize world-wide, to allowing for classroom attendance. Parents often cannot afford shoes for their children to attend school. The OWR community works on the frontline by helping children and young adults further their education by providing the necessary footwear required by their schools.
Our continued service and support can help OWR raise funds to send a container of shoes to Central America in 2018. Another goal for this year is to provide storage for the massive amount of the shoes collected here in Boulder!

Cuba Trip 2018

OWR’s annual La Flora Run, a tough 32K on the road called one of the Seven Engineering Marvels of the Cuban Revolution supports Cuban elite runners, many of whom live and run in difficult conditions. The race and shoe distribution is held in beautiful Baracoa, which was hot hard by category 5 Hurricane Matthew.

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