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A Momentous Sporting Experience

I love the way gifted athletes seem to feel the effect of a playing venue in their bones. An Olympic Stadium, Madison Square Garden or a famous golf course like Augusta National can bring a quickening of the spirit, a connection with tradition and a concentration of energies that give performances in these places a heightened quality. As a weekend warrior, the familiar scene at the Boston Marathon, the Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii and the Western States 100 come to mind first.

Even when there is no arena or competition involved, a mountain to be climbed, a river to be rafted or a stretch of countryside to be trained on can summon up significance and power for us simply by being designated the field of adventure. That’s why I love to teach in powerful places!

Here in Boulder Valley, for example, a mother land that honors the sporting life and emboldens the human spirit is right outside your door. Not only is the altitude ideally suited to endurance training, it has an alpine climate with close to 300 days of sunshine each year. You’ll run through a land teeming with wildlife habitats, stunning geologic features and lush greenways, where a mountain to be climbed or a stretch of countryside to be raced on is never far away.

Your camp experience will be a truly memorable one. You’ll hear outstanding seminars and take part in before and after discussions so you understand exactly how to use the new information and practice the techniques before, during and after your daily workouts and why they’re important. The skills you master at the Destination Camps will help you have better runs immediately and to enjoy the process of extending your limits more than ever.

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Ptarmigan Wall, Glacier National Park

Up Country, Maui Coast

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