Start thinking of yourself as an athlete, not just a runner!

Too much running, as an isolated activity, without working equally as much on your muscle balance and core activation, can make you weak and uncoordinated, leave you vulnerable to overuse injuries and hamper your development of good running form too. Many forms of core strength training can help your body adapt effectively to create running efficiency and injury resistance. The Core & More Camp is a power packed weekly workout that builds on what you already do well and challenges you to learn more!

Body Learning 100 –  Core & More  

thewayofrunning-11Using only a mat in an ideal indoor venue, we will explore the ways that a variety of creative core strengthening and stretching exercises, performed with poise and grace, promote recovery and prevent injury while improving precision, body control, power and agility. One reason Pilates is so successful is that it teaches us to correctly activate core muscles and neural connections that increase our intuitive powers for coping with stress, which positively impacts how we move, think and feel.

Dates for 2017 to be announced –  View Calendar for more Details

February Special – 20% Off – 4-Day Intensive

Upcoming Events

8:30 am BPM Winter Workout # 38 @ Niwot Trail Loop - Monarch Rd, Trailhead
BPM Winter Workout # 38 @ Niwot Trail Loop - Monarch Rd, Trailhead
Feb 25 @ 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Niwot Trail Loop – Monarch Rd. Trailhead just west of N. 79th St.
8:15 am Sunday Classic – Long Run
Sunday Classic – Long Run
Feb 26 @ 8:15 am – 10:30 am
Run Boulder Valley at your own pace. Meeting locations & details are announced by e-mail every Saturday. We run all the back roads, open space and mountain parks trails between Eldorado Springs & Hygiene, Colorado.[...]
5:30 pm BPM Winter Workout # 37 @ Nebin Platte Middle School
BPM Winter Workout # 37 @ Nebin Platte Middle School
Feb 28 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Speed Changes Workout 

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Art emanates a sporting “vibe” that acts as a hidden spiritual power, influencing others without their being aware of how it happens.

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