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Are you ready to run your best 1/2 or full marathon?

In many ways our sport is beautifully simple, all you do is lace up your running shoes and head out the door. So on the surface, it might seem like running should require less learning time, less training time, less equipment and less organization than almost any other fitness routine out there. The logical conclusion is there should be little need to learn skills, hire an instructor or join a club but these are exciting times! While there have been other Running Revolutions and Health Booms in recent decades, this is a “Golden Age for Citizens Running.” Statistics show that race participation by runners of every level of ability and ambition, in events of all sizes and every distance has grown higher than at any other time in history. Everyone is welcome. Whatever your age or ability, you can share the starting line of a local road race, marathon or ultra-marathon with the best runners in the world.

Art is an accomplished Boulder running coach and specialized marathon coach with over 30 years of experience. As one of Boulder’s most versatile personal trainers, he designs online marathon training plans as well as ‘hands-on’ fitness workshops that get the results you really want. He starts by getting to know the way your mind, body and schedule work best, helps you set up a healthy lifestyle and connects you with more of the right people.

This is for you!

  • Initial goal-setting consultation
  • Form & fitness assessment
  • Workout log & schedule
  • E-mail follow up & support

What’s your perfect distance?

Half Marathoners

First Half Marathon – 12 weeks – $179
This is for you if you want to build on your 5K & 10K accomplishments by moving up to ‘The Half.’ Half marathon training programs are based on 4 days of running per week, with a distances approximately 20-30 miles per week and base long run of 60-90 minutes. Training at this level is about moderation and commitment to a consistent routine that builds up your endurance gradually so you can fully enjoy the process of getting faster and more confident.

Experienced Half Marathon – 12 weeks – $189
If you’ve already run a half marathon and now want to go faster, this is for you. We’ll target a performance that’s just above your previous skill level that makes you competitive in your age group. Training for these goals is about ‘qualitative variation’ – challenging hill workouts, 5K & 10K paced sessions & speed-strength circuits to complement your base long run of 90 minutes – 2 hours. You’ll work with a biweekly scheduling pattern with distances approximately 30-40 miles per week in order to broaden the impact on key physiological variables that effect half marathon running success.

Full Marathoners

First Marathon – 16 weeks – $199
If you’re accomplished at running the half marathon and are now ready introduce the ultimate challenge of the marathon, this marathon training program is for you. Programs are based on 4-5 days of running per week, with distances of approximately 30-40 miles per week. Training at this level is about variation. You’ll be weaving in some new ingredients like surge intervals, special speed-endurance runs, hill repetitions and long runs ranging from 90 minutes – 2.5 hours.

Experienced Marathon (includes Ultras) – 16 weeks – $199
If you’ve already run a marathon or an ultra and now want to go faster, longer or both this advanced marathon coaching program is for you. We’ll target a performance that’s just above your current skill level, qualifies you for the Boston Marathon or elevates you onto an age group podium. Training for these goals is about ‘qualitative volume’ and being precise and selective to get your workload just right. You’ll work with a triweekly scheduling pattern with distances approximately 40-60 miles per week. We’ll dial in your track sessions to target V02 max accurately and have you try some special ‘race simulation runs’ that raise your lactate threshold to a new level… plus give you some extra rest days to retain the great form and fitness you’ve built up from these hard efforts.

Note: Each program will also include regular trail running as an integral part of your race prep, in order to incorporate terrain variety, proprioception benefits, and helpful surface relief to stay healthy and happy during your ramp-up.

“My training schedules are much more than planning or splits. They’re a basic way to express your individual freedom.” – Art
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