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Private Sessions

I’ll study the limits of your running habits closely and provide feedback that builds on what you already do well (which is usually much more than you think!). You’ll end up with a clear sense of the ways your running form influences your body and a sure feeling of the way your body influences your running form.

I’ll help you get more comfortable with changing speeds – moving from one heart rate zone to another with your form and breathing under control. No more tense, monotonous shuffles where your stride length gets compromised and your nervous system goes flat. The variations we create with these sessions are very exciting!  Knowing exactly how to add some zip to certain workouts is a sure way to flush the lactate out of your legs and boost your race-day fitness.  

Around here a mountain to be climbed, or a stretch of countryside to be raced on, is never far away. Not only is the altitude ideally suited to endurance training, we have an alpine climate with close to 300 days of sunshine each year. Something about running through a land teeming with wildlife habitats, stunning geologic features and lush greenways emboldens the human spirit. Why not seize the moment rather than risk its passing forever?

Cooperative Training Group

Joining this running group is like getting together with an informal group of friends that provide mutual encouragement and support when you need it most. Connecting with other people expands your knowledge and choosing to run with other people at a conversational pace is the best way of controlling your speed while you enjoy their company and model their great running form and relaxed rhythmic breathing.

What I love about coaching a group is the art of individualizing within the group structure. To watch the runners closely, offer encouragement, take advantage of teaching moments and decide exactly when to loosen the demands of the workout for each person. This way everyone works that small bit beyond their comfort zone. So we never overtrain but we also never undertrain.

Written Training Plans

Live your dreams! Follow a running schedule that incorporates the right distances, paces, and recoveries for who you are. A good training program is much more than planning or splits. It’s a basic way to express your individual freedom.

Health & Fitness Runners – You’re accomplished at running 5K, and are now ready to prepare yourself for a 10K or 1/2 marathon. Runs are expressed simply in terms of the amount of time spent running. Programs are based on 3 days of running per week.

Serious Fitness Runners – You’re accomplished at running the 10K or the 1/2 marathon and now you want to improve your performance or move up to the ultimate challenges of the marathon. Programs are based on 4 days of running per week, with distances of approximately 25-35 miles per week.

Competitive Fitness Runners – You’ve already run a marathon or an ultra and now want to go faster, longer or both. You may also have a promising race resume and are targeting a performance that elevates you onto an age group podium! Programs are based on 5 days of running per week, with distances of approximately 40-50 miles per week.

Runner’s Workshops

Don’t miss your chance to interact and exchange ideas on special topics with Art and friends. We are continuously adding educational opportunities to help you take your running to the next level.

Your workshop experience will be a memorable one. You’ll hear outstanding seminars and take part in before and after discussions so you understand exactly how to use the information before, during and after your daily workouts (and why they’re important). The skills you master at the these workshops will help you have better runs immediately. You’ll enjoy the process of extending your limits more than ever!

“A simple activity has been made complicated. This is a sport that only requires a half-decent pair of running shoes.”- Steve Jones
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