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Championship Mindfulness

Curry's training regimen includes all variety of high-tech drills, for instance: wearing goggles that generate a series of flashing lights, as he performs ball-handling drills; working with two (or more) balls at the same time; and moving through a circuit that flashes instructions that he must respond to instantaneously. All this is to train his reflexes, perceptual acuity, and decision-making abilities to super-human levels – and there's little doubt that it has worked! But Steph Curry's training has another – less glamorous but equally important – side to it. This is the quiet side, the spacious side, the side that cultivates the capacity to relax deeply.
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“How Long?… Not Long!”

Neuroscience has shown that the repetitive motions and complex cognitive functions of running can trigger neurotransmitters, chemicals that boost the brain’s connectivity, thought patterns and decision-making—human qualities that are often compromised by the stress of life, especially in these troubled political times. Meanwhile, spiritual traditions remind us that turning our attention outward, from self-concern to the welfare of others, is the key to peace, love, and sanity.
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A World Record For Consistency

Japan has one of the most extraordinary running cultures on the planet, unlike anything I’ve ever come across. Thousands of professional runners compete for corporate teams in some of the most competitive races in the world. The 135-mile Ekiden Relay Race is the nation’s premier sporting event. The legendary ‘Marathon Monks’ run a thousand marathons in a thousand days in their quest for spiritual enlightenment.
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