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Form and Fortune

Holistic approaches in physical therapy, sports medicine, and coaching are the new norm. And modern advances in these fields have rightfully overtaken conventional stretching, strengthening and technique advice. But now we’re being barraged by a mind-boggling array of hyper-specialized mobility/stability tests, corrective exercises, frame-by-frame video analytics, and wearable technology to track our every move.
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Championship Mindfulness

The 2018 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors have plenty going for them on the court. But it's the players’ off-the-court moves that really set the team apart from past dynasties. Take point guard Stephen Curry, one of the most adored and spectacularly-skilled basketball players on the planet today. His ball-handling,  passing, and three-point shooting abilities are downright otherworldly, routinely leaving spectators in the stands (as well as players on opposing teams) with their jaws dropped. How does he do it?
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A World Record For Consistency

Japan has one of the most extraordinary running cultures on the planet, unlike anything I’ve ever come across. Thousands of professional runners compete for corporate teams in some of the most competitive races in the world. The 135-mile Ekiden Relay Race is the nation’s premier sporting event. The legendary ‘Marathon Monks’ run a thousand marathons in a thousand days in their quest for spiritual enlightenment.
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