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Give Shoes!

The OWR community works on the frontline by helping children and young adults further their education by providing the necessary footwear required by their schools.   Our continued service and support can help OWR raise funds to send a container of shoes to Central America in 2018. Another goal for this year is to provide storage for the massive amount of the shoes collected here in Boulder!
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The Genius of Childhood Spurs an Adventure Classic

"The dream was to get around the world in 80 days. To get back here in 78 days and change is an absolute dream come true. When I left here, I felt like a lot of people were excited by the idea but thought it was impossible. The success of cycling around the world in 80 days shows that what seemed impossible is possible and has redefined the limits of endurance sport... I've had the most incredible team. Ten years ago I finished here doing an unsupported race around the world and this time to go with a full support team is a completely different mindset."
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Employing Trees As Your Training Partners

If you're already in the habit of walking, sitting, hiking or running through forests or parks with an abundance of trees, you've probably noticed how nourishing the experience is: how spending time in the natural world – immersed in the energy of trees, rivers, mountains and wildflower-filled meadows -- just feels really good. But why exactly is this? How does time away from city streets, in favor of more rural or back-country environments, actually affect our mental-emotional and physical health?
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The Biopsychology Of The Runner’s High

Although running is an elegantly simple endeavor, understanding the bio-psychological processes of the experience is somewhat more involved. For those new to the term, biopsychology applies biological principles to the study of “physiological, genetic and developmental mechanisms of behavior.” It is also referred to as behavioral neuroscience, psychobiology and biological psychology.
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