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Want Great Running Form? Own Your Physical Body

"The state of flow that some people associate with "natural running form" is simply what happens when you run in the right posture. When you run in the right posture there's less need to dwell on any one fine point of perfect running form. You already have it. You were born with it. The most important thing is to “own” your physical body. If you slump, you will lose yourself. Your mind will be wandering about somewhere else; you will not be in your body."
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Touch The Earth

  • April 24, 2017
  • Blog
A mountain to be climbed, a river to be rafted or a stretch of countryside to be raced on can summon up significance and power for us simply by being designated the field of adventure. Our runs in these dreamlike places bring a quickening of the spirit, a connection with the life force and a concentration of energies that give our experiences out there a heightened quality. They are a way of giving thanks to Mother Earth.
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