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The New Way Of Running Camp

New Motivation – New Courage – New Knowledge

May 4-6, 2017


Art Ives

Art is one of those people with vast reservoirs of experience and knowledge who truly enjoys helping others succeed. A local champion, he emanates a sporting “vibe” that acts as a hidden spiritual power, influencing others without their being aware of how it happens. Art loves everything about the theory and history of running, and puts those principles directly into practice. The way he works with runners creates positive, lasting changes in their bio-mechanics, physical capability and mental attitude. He is known for his patience in working with runners of all skill levels, and for his passion in undertaking great physical challenges.

Nikki Boudreaux

Nikki brings a unique combination of business and fitness skills to everything she does. In 2004 she began teaching Pilates; in 2010 achieved her full Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification (which encompasses over 550 hours of education, dedication, training and experience). Today she is a Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer and marketing assistant for The Way Of Running. Nikki is an avid runner and loves hiking, biking and practicing Pilates.

Special Guests

Kim McConnell

As Head Coach of Track & Field at Peak To Peak Charter School, Kim excels at getting student athletes off to the best possible start in sports and fitness. Kim started running at age seven as a way to connect with her father, a world-class runner from South Africa. “I was never the ‘very best’ runner among my competitors. This inspired me to work harder and to join a competitive training club at the age of 12. From that time, I have enjoyed being a part of running communities in Texas and Colorado. Running gives me great joy as I delight in creation, especially here in Colorado! I thoroughly enjoy the work itself as well as the challenge of racing, of putting everything on the line at a particular time and working to pull out the best possible performance for that day. Running enables me to be a ‘better version of me’ as wife, mom, friend, student, teacher and coach.”

Colleen Glenn-Wilson

Colleen is an innovative pioneer and a 30-year veteran of teaching classical Pilates, dance and functional movement. Colleen’s keen understanding of functional anatomy helps her students quickly identify and correct imbalances in order to improve body mechanics and performance. She specializes in reconditioning post rehab individuals, focusing on intrinsic strength and over-all coordination. Colleen has experience with professional athletes and groups of 50 or more. Vogue magazine called her “One of America’s Top 55 Trainers.” Colleen spearheaded the Peak Pilates certification program and co-founded the Pilates Method Alliance. She is passionate about sharing her expertise and working together with people to further their physical development and mental and spiritual wellbeing through Pilates and good, sound movement.

James Brody

Professor Brody teaches Alexander Technique courses in the CU College of Music, coaches oboe and chamber music, and is Director of the Musicians’ Wellness Program, a comprehensive, holistic program addressing the overall health and capability of student musicians. As an oboist, he has performed internationally and most recently with the renowned Takács String Quartet. He conducts private Alexander sessions for an increasingly diverse population including world-class athletes, health practitioners, computer operators and office workers. Every July, James hosts the Summer Alexander Technique Course and Intensive where leading teachers of Alexander Technique convene at CU for a week of classes and private lessons, Tai Chi, and Body Mapping.

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