Workouts, Seminars and Socializing 

If you’re looking for fantastic new workouts, running seminars, and opportunities to socialize with other runners, check out Boulder Peak Makers Running Club! Based in East Boulder County, it’s a perfect fit for all levels of runners. We’re a casual, non-competitive group that likes to run, achieve fitness goals, socialize, and have fun.

The group meets every week for fresh new workouts on the roads, tracks and trails around Boulder County. These are individually tailored, supervised workouts where you get detailed form-work along with specific pacing instructions so you can eventually do the workout on your own.

What we offer:

• Optimal Coach-Runner Ratio so both beginners and experienced runners can get individual formwork and quality support every time.

• Fresh new workouts and courses.

• A Foundation of Running Skills to keep you motivated and steadily improving.

• Form-related injury prevention techniques that keep you more injury-free than ever.

• Innovative Strength Classes that directly enhance your running form and running speed.

• Fun Social Events – Happy Hours – Potlucks – Road Trips to Races Together.

• Opportunities for Private Coaching: ½ marathon, 1st marathon, Boston qualifying, Trail-running camps, Ultra-marathon training etc.

Contact Art directly at 303 868-6640 sign-up or to learn more

February Special – 20% Off – 4-Day Intensive

Upcoming Events

8:30 am BPM Winter Workout # 38 @ Niwot Trail Loop - Monarch Rd, Trailhead
BPM Winter Workout # 38 @ Niwot Trail Loop - Monarch Rd, Trailhead
Feb 25 @ 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Niwot Trail Loop – Monarch Rd. Trailhead just west of N. 79th St.
8:15 am Sunday Classic – Long Run
Sunday Classic – Long Run
Feb 26 @ 8:15 am – 10:30 am
Run Boulder Valley at your own pace. Meeting locations & details are announced by e-mail every Saturday. We run all the back roads, open space and mountain parks trails between Eldorado Springs & Hygiene, Colorado.[...]
5:30 pm BPM Winter Workout # 37 @ Nebin Platte Middle School
BPM Winter Workout # 37 @ Nebin Platte Middle School
Feb 28 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Speed Changes Workout 

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