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Boulder, Colorado, rests in the heart of a magnificent landscape of breathtaking beauty and power; it is a place that both honors the sporting life and emboldens the human spirit. Not only is Boulder’s altitude ideally suited to endurance training, it has an alpine climate with close to 300 days of sunshine each year. A mountain to be climbed, or a stretch of countryside to be raced on, is never far away.

The Boulder 4-day Intensive is an immersive experience with Art Ives. You will receive one-on-one attention as the two of you run on earthen red-rock trails, through land teeming with wildlife, stunning geologic features and lush greenways. You will also take part in two group training runs.

Format of 4-day Intensive (Thursday – Sunday)

  • Thursday – Group Training Run, Private Session with Art
  • Friday – Group Training Run, Private Sessions with Art
  • Saturday – Speed Workout
  • Sunday – Classic Long Run

You will also receive a 12-week Training Plan, with detailed e-mail follow-up and weekly telephone support.

Cost: $495.00 (Air fare and lodging/food additional)

Check back soon for camp schedule and dates!

“Who we are is powerfully influenced by where we are.”– The Way Of Running
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