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"The ideal amount and intensity of training and the time it takes to affect the body positively varies greatly from person to person depending on their health and well being. So a less intense workout is often more beneficial than one that's more intense." - Art

Level 1 - Health & Fitness

This is your category if you are accomplished at running 5K, and are ready to step up your regular mileage in order to move up to the 10K or 1/2 marathon distance.  Runs are expressed simply in terms of the amount of time spent running. Programs are based on 4 days of running per week, with distances of approximately 20-30 miles per week. Training at this level is about commitment to a consistent routine that builds up your speed and endurance gradually. It’s actually taking it easy that will make you fall in love with running more. You’ll reach a point where you won’t feel right if you miss your workout!

12-week Training Block – $169

Level 2 – Serious Fitness

This is your category if you are accomplished at running 10K or 1/2 marathon distances and now want to improve your performance, introduce technical trail running or the ultimate challenges of the marathon or ultra distance. Programs are based on 4-5 days of running per week, with distances of approximately 30-50 miles per week. Training at this level is about variation. You’ll be weaving in some new ingredients like surge intervals, speed-endurance runs, hill repetitions and a long run of 60-90 minutes. Your weekly runs can be rotated to suit you so you get enough rest.

12-week Training Block – $189

Level 3 – Competitive Fitness

This is your category if you’re already running one long run a week of at least 1:20-2:30. You might have already run a marathon or an ultra and now want to go faster, longer or both. You may also have a promising race resume and are now targeting a performance that’s just above your previous skill level or one that elevates you onto an age group podium. Training for these goals is about being precise and selective with getting your workload right. It starts with setting up a healthy lifestyle and working with the right people.

12-week Training Block – $199

The weekly mileage numbers in all three categories are estimates only. Experience matters much, much more.

Choose Your Level – Everyone is Welcome – No One Gets Dropped

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Exciting Times

On the surface it might seem like running should require less learning time, less training time, less equipment and less organization than almost any other fitness routine out there. The logical conclusion is there should be little need to learn skills, hire an instructor or join a club but times have changed. While there have been other Running Revolutions and Health Booms in recent decades, this is a “Golden Age for Citizens Running.” Everyone is welcome. Statistics show that race participation by runners of every level of ability and ambition, in events of all sizes has grown higher than at any other time in history. Whatever your age or ability, you can share the starting line of a local road race, marathon or ultra-marathon with the best runners in the world.

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