Awareness is like Muscular Energy

“WE CAN USE OUR ATTENTION in three directions simultaneously: inward, outward, and all around; sensing, feeling, and seeing; sensing my own existence; feeling myself in relation with others; seeing the meaning and purpose of what is present. Over time a collective presence embodying self and others, in harmonious creativity, awakens.”- Annonymous

“Nothing that man possesses is more precious than his awareness. It is a material entity like muscular energy, and it’s level fluctuates during the day. It lies within a man’s power to squander this vital resource or conserve it. It is lost every time a mechanical happening, wandering thought, a casual glance, or any trivial event or accidental impression causes the student to lose his sense of objective awareness, to plunge into a state of identification as a fly into a honey pot. Each of these plunges involves loss of the energy of awareness and the lost energy cannot easily be regained… impressions, instead of being digested in the way they should be through the application of objective awareness, function merely as distractions, pulling the attention this way and that, wasting energy instead of creating it.” – R. DeRopp

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