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Compassionate Challenger

I suggest the principles to follow rather than tell you what you should be doing all the time.

Running gives us a real-life experience of the scientific method as applied in our personal lives. I’m passionate about clarifying the jargon of scientifically proven training principles and bringing things down-to-earth by adding the element of practical experience. While meticulous planning, scientific testing, and monitoring all have their place they can’t give us a complete picture of our true, innate running ability. By over-focusing on tangible physiological benchmarks, we often overlook the intangibles: the psychological, spiritual, and even mystical factors that allow us to tap into our energies and unlock our hidden potential.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior in Colorado or a Maasai Warrior in Kenya, my training plans prioritize the workouts that give you the most satisfaction rather than overwhelm you by squeezing in everything you think you should accomplish. As long as you have a training schedule that incorporates different distances, paces, and recoveries, you will reach your potential. 

Art Ives - Running Coach

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 Why I Coach:

Spiritual Balance

In today’s highly commercialized, corporate world, to run for spiritual balance is not so easy. Pop culture distracts us with a barrage of advice on the science of peak performance; weekly mileage, speed work, cross training, form correction, minimalist footwear, sports nutrition, beer running, bodywork, mindfulness techniques, and wearable technology to track our every move.

It takes a leap of faith to tune out the noise, become less concerned with looking good, final outcomes, beating your previous times or another person. It takes serious daring to take my help to search out the best in yourself. But it’s the best way to gain confidence to go your own way, at your own pace, without worrying about how other people train.

Art's Approach on Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness

The illusion of health is not health. It’s easy to assume that running and other endurance activities always lead to a wide range of health benefits, but our overall health is also influenced by how we lead our lives, both at home and at work. We’re all familiar with how much stress can arise due to competing demands on our time and attention. Best case scenario, the time we spend in training can help counteract these tensions by putting them in perspective and making them manageable.

Ask Dr. Phil Maffetone: “An injured knee, an irregular heartbeat, recurring respiratory infection, chronic fatigue or other health problems should not be considered “side effects” of training hard. These symptoms are all indicators of an imbalance between fitness and health.”

It is vital to acknowledge this and pay heed to our bodies, no matter how old we are.

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