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Insight through Experience

Art has either coached or competed at every running distance from 100 meters to 100 miles. His love of running is matched only by his love of helping other runners surpass their personal goals. His holistic, comprehensive approach to running creates positive, lasting changes in his clients’ biomechanics, physical capabilities, and mental attitudes. His step-by-step approach looks at everything involved with successful distance running through a wide-angle lens. This perspective, combined with his love for undertaking great physical challenges, helps people take giant steps toward achieving the results they really want — and connecting them with other people who share a love for both nature and sport.

Encompassing Rather than Rejecting

Arguing is never going to help us interpret the science of peak performance. I hope I never err by suggesting absolute answers or presenting you with a picture of the ideal runner, biased by my belief in my own experience. If I’m more or less impartial in presenting the ideas, problems, and solutions I’ve known, including the marvelous ways they intersect, then what I write here can be of some value to the general discussion by all kindred spirits who find similar satisfaction in athletic pursuit. – Art


The Way of Running delves into a world unknown to most runners: the ways we unconsciously limit ourselves through chronic tension, anxious thoughts, and unskilled movement. It focuses on the positive, lasting changes every runner can make in their daily training habits to move past those imaginary limits by making refinements in their running form and improvements in their mind-body interaction.

Nearly every athlete or weekend warrior eventually figures out that their “state of mind” – their attitude and emotional patterning – can affect performance, sometimes just as powerfully as their physical fitness. Our mental images, ideas, and beliefs about our body can either help or hinder the fulfillment of our athletic aspirations. 

As a coach, I guide the runner every step of the way — a way that leads in the direction of peak-performance, those unforgettable runs when, through tremendous effort, the runner’s true nature shines forth! My hope is that those touched by The Way of Running will not only perform better, but they’ll also act more generously and ethically in the world, and feel a deeper connection to other people and the planet.

Art emanates a sporting “vibe” that acts as a hidden spiritual power, influencing others without their being aware of how it happens.

Art’s Competitive Fitness Extends From 5K – 100 miles

  • NEW! 1st Place 60-69 age group, Oscar Blues Old Man Winter Combined Bike Rally (50K) & Run (5.8mi), Lyons, Colorado 2017
  • 2nd Place 60-69 age group, Steamboat Stinger Trail 1/2 Marathon 2016
  • 1st Place 60-69 age group, Boulder Mountain 10 Mile Ascent 2016
  • 1st Place 55-59 age group, Mount Taylor 50K, Grant’s NM 2013
  • 1st Place, 55-59 age group, Santa Barbara International Marathon 2011
  • 3 Leadville 100 Mile Silver Buckles (sub-25 hour), Leadville, Colorado 1999-2000-2001
  • Masters Champion (5th Place overall), Leadville Trail 100 2001
  • Top 50 finisher, Western States 100 Mile, Squaw Valley to Auburn, California 2001
  • 5th Place Elk Horn Mountain 100K, Helena, Montana 1998
  • Texas Trail 50K, Huntsville, Texas 1996
  • Mountain Mist 50K, Huntsville, Alabama 1997
  • 1st Place 50-59 age group, Dick’s Flat-Out 5K, 2008
  • 3rd Place 50-59 age group, Bolder Boulder, 2008
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