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A Coach’s Eyes

A Coach’s Eyes

Coaching and competing in every running distance from 100 meters to 100 miles impelled me to develop a holistic perspective on running – one that honors the importance of the whole body and the interdependence of its parts. Viewed holistically, several factors determine a person’s individual running style, including training, nutrition, psychology, and genetics (and the total impression they create). 

I use my coach’s eyes to identify any potential problems with a client. A good coach needs to be aware of the many issues which may impact an athlete from overtraining to personal matters. Having physical talent is one thing, but without a clear direction or adequate support in other areas of life, a runner may end up never fulfilling his or her true potential.

I see your unique gifts and strengths and there’s nothing more beautiful than that! There will always be those who are fitter and faster than us and those who are less fit and slower than us, just as there are individual differences in the need for rest and recovery. The most important factor to consider is your own time process: where are you now compared to where you were before? Or, more importantly, where you will be six months from now?

What do you see when you try looking at yourself with a coach’s eyes? Are you too loose, too tight or just right in your approach to the challenges you are facing?

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