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Train the way your mind, body,
and schedule work best!

I put form, breathing and fun in the center of the coaching/training process: one-on-one sessions that build on what you already do well, over one hundred group workouts per year, easy to follow daily instructions, written training plans for every race distance and special topic workshops that expand your knowledge base and help you set up a healthy lifestyle. 

 No Sidetracks

Thanks to the worldwide resurgence of barefoot running and minimalist footwear, trends that were considered “fringe” only a decade ago— holistic approaches in physical therapy, sports medicine, and the coaching of natural running form — are the new norm. Statistics show that race participation by runners of every level of ability and ambition, in events of all sizes and every distance has grown higher than at any time in history. The whole world is welcome to share the starting line of a big-city marathon or an epic trail ultra-run with the top runners on the planet.

Despite modern advances, many of these same runners struggle with recurring injuries, often caused by risky training habits that frustrate their progress. A lot of times professional coaches make things complex so they can sell them. I help people discover their unique gifts and strengths by running simply for the pure pleasure of it. I’m at my best when drawing from the global history, philosophy, and spirituality of the sport, and putting those principles directly into practice.

There’s a lot to be said for good, intuitive coaching. I’m very straightforward, precise and selective; unless something works for you I’m not doing it. I have a strong concept of structure and consistency but every run does not need to be a programmed workout. My system is very easy to communicate and my approach can lead to a rewarding boost in confidence.

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When Cheaters Prosper

Covert use of performance enhancing substances — aka “cheating” — is as old as organized sports. Even the Ancient Greeks are said to have taken “potions" to enhance their athletic prowess. Today, with one drug-cheating revelation after another splashed across the headlines, many people are so fed up they now regard most exceptional performances with skepticism and disbelief.
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Exciting Times in the Half-Marathon

Of course, the half-marathon is attractive to marathon runners because of its ease of recovery and to classic road runners because of its role as a springboard to the full marathon. But the half marathon (at 13.1 miles) is perhaps even more relevant to the 10K (at 6.2 miles) than the marathon (at 26.2 miles).
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The Missing Ingredient in your Training Strategy?

It's probably obvious to anybody who has trained for any kind of endurance event: in most cases, it's more preferable to train with a group of other runners than it is to train on your own. Not only do these group sessions feel easier and more enjoyable they are also generally faster.
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