Comprehensive Coaching for Runners of all Levels

“In many ways the sport is beautifully simple. All you do is lace up your running shoes and head out the door. So on the surface it may seem like running must require less learning time, less training time, less equipment and less organization than almost any other fitness routine out there. At one time the logical conclusion was that there should be little need to learn skills, hire an instructor or join a club but times have changed.”

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Everyone can boost their running performance by checking out Boulder Peak Makers Running Club, a perfect fit for all levels of runners and a casual – non-competitive group that likes to run, achieve fitness goals, socialize, and have fun. The group meets every week for fresh new workouts on the roads, tracks and trails around Boulder County. Are you looking for fantastic new workouts, running seminars, and opportunities to socialize with other runners? If so, Boulder Peak Makers Running Club is for you.


Through body sensing, movement awareness and technique change learned in this 3-day intensive you can gain more health, enjoyment and self-confidence from your running plus set a foundation of skills with your running form, energy management and healing powers in order to run farther and faster with less wear & tear on your body.
You need this kind of help more frequently in order to get comfortable with new movement patterns and to retrain muscles and neural pathways so your running becomes easier.
The camp synthesizes many of the ideas presently on running form, energy efficiency, stride mechanics and foot-strike into a coherent knowledge base that works for you and is a great chance to get further clarification on how you can work on your individual inefficiencies with mobility, range of motion, specific strength and symmetry.





Classic coach – runner training sessions where you get detailed form-work, specific instructions so you can do the workout on your own plus e-mail and telephone support after the meeting. Includes a personalized training plan that targets specific running events of your choice and keeps you organized, focused, and moving toward clear and specific goals.

Opportunities for advanced coaching – mental training, nutritional counseling and competition skills for ½ marathon, 1st marathon, Boston qualifying, trail-running, ultra-marathoning.

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Running Camp June 26-28

The Best Form in Boulder! Join our camp today.

“I suspect that in some way all runners share the yearning expressed in the Navajo chant”:

The mountains, I become part of it…

The herbs, the fir tree, I become part of it.

The morning mists,

The clouds, the gathering waters, I become part of it. The sun that sweeps across the earth,

I become part of it.

The wilderness, the dew drops, the pollen…

I become part of it

– Peter Nabokov


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“I’m at my best when coaching a group on the run,” says Ives.“Having said that I will always appreciate the self-contained joy and sensation of running alone. Fortunately I get to do both.”

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