Comprehensive Coaching for Runners of all Levels

Learn to run the right way

Learn to run the right way





Your trainability, aerobic capacity and talent ceiling are much greater than you may think. Receive a fully interactive training plan that targets specific running events of your choice and keeps you organized, focused, and moving toward clear and specific goals. learn more



Art and expert form coaches Janet Runyan and Douglas Wisoff PT welcome runners of all abilities to join the Boulder Peak Makers Running Club. Are you looking for fantastic new workouts, running seminars, and opportunities to socialize with other runners? If so, Boulder Peak Makers Running Club is for you. learn more 



The workshop offers a great start to making lasting positive changes in your posture, structure and running form, whether your goals are for fitness, racing or just plain fun! learn more


Running Through the Looking Glass

Running Well Workshop

Run with Boulder Peak Makers

Super-Effort Training

“We have much more strength than we think. Most of us believe we have reached our limits when we are no more than 70% exhausted. But we never make full use of our strength.” – Art